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Art City - A name dedicated to the art . Art City - the journy to art begins, in 1994,with an idea: creating community through the art. So join in and become a member of the ArtCity family! At Artcity you can enjoy exclusive parties, valuable discounts,events and other programm.


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Rules & Regulations

  • If you detailed information about the organization, prior to being a member, it is mandatory to pay a registration fee of Rs 250. Within 8 hours of the payment of registration fee, you will be provided your space on the art city website. Your space will contain your picture as well as other information about you.
  • Only after obtaining complete information about the organization you need to pay a membership fee of Rs1150, along with2 passport size photographs and a copy of your identity card (Voter ID,DL, etc.) You will be provided a password after 24 hours after the payment of membership fees. Being a member of Art City, enables you to have access to all kinds of application, you can add/edit/delete data on your own on the space provided by you.
  • Art city is a unique or animation of its own kind which is based on the great ‘’Guru Shishya’’ tradition through Art and Literature. Our motive is to promote and provide platform and proper guidelines to our young enthusiast talents.
  • This or generation preserves and promotes only original creations made by self (by artist). It provides enough opportunities of earning as well as having name at local, state national and even international levels. Not only the individual artists but their ‘’Guru- the teachers/trainers’’ too are up help warmly and credited with due respect and awards.
  • Art City respects your deserving talent nt. The artist himself will be responsible for any fake/ stolen copy of art. Hence, it is advised to submit you own self- attested original copy of you art-work/ creations.
  • Art City members are always there to help, cooperate and support each other in case of any king of accident, calamities, or any king of unwanted situation.
  • The member himself will be responsible for issues in his/ her personal life, matters related to his/ her family, or any anti- social/ illegal activity.
  • Art City reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member instantly in situations where the member is proved to be a culprit in any Indian court of law.
  • Any form of case- filing/ proceeding will be held at courts located in Delhi only.
  • Since Art City is based on the great tradition of ‘’Guru and Shishya’’, the guru of the artist will be awarded with 20%-30% of the amount awarded to the concerned artist.
  • Any form of payment should be made in Cheque / DD made in favor of Art City. The members of Art City are advised to check the credentials of the money collecting authority with attested l-card of Art City.
  • On making any king of payment/ donation in the name of Art City, you must inform the organization’s Head office through phone or online emailing.
  • Once you are a member of Art City , you are bound to follow all the rules / regulations and terms and conditions of Art City.
  • Art City reserves the right to decide the location and commercials of many program/ function/ project and training campuses or R&D centre.
  • We are bound to provide all kinds of information on any working day and your valuable suggestions are always welcomed by Art City, as we strive for continuous modifications in the way of achieving perfection.