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Why Art City India

Why to register artist into Art City India, With the help of this you can make your dreams to reality.

Benefits of joining Artcity :

  • Time to time Artcity will organize competitions, By taking part in our competitions, artists will win exciting price.
  • But joining Artcity artist gain valuable experience in marketing their artwork.
  • On our web portal artist can build their resumes in a low cost way.
  • Artist can upload their work in the showcase.
  • Artcity will provide a common platform for all artist to showcase their talent to the world.
  • Artcity will provide an opportunity to its artist in its projects like film making, Video shoot, and Modeling assignment.
  • Artcity will cater all form of art like ArtDesign, Photography, Illustration, Craft, culpture, Installation, Street Art, Music, Video, Food, Science, Paper, Painting, Animation, Books, History, Drawing, Animals, Light, Architecture, Birds, Stop Motion, Nature and Anatomy etc.